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Craving time for what matters?

Feeling like you forgot to have a life?

Losing your spark?

Struggling to create space for YOU?

Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coaching can help.



Align with Your Strengths

Take the VIA Character Strengths Survey to understand your signature strengths mix. Leveraging strengths boosts your well-being and supercharges fulfillment in life!

Creating an Aligned Engagement Roadmap

Let’s dig deep into what brings a sense of meaning, connection and vitality to your busy days.  We’ll create a personalized roadmap to reinvent your wellbeing.

Rediscovery of meaning is the true barometer of success ~Brigette Serfaty

words on chalkboard; You circled with arrows to the words Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit

Minding Your Minutes

Stop moving through your life on autopilot

Use the Minding Your Minutes integrated planning model to move from over-scheduled to intentional engagement in what brings YOU meaning.  Bring intentional focus into your calendar and into your days. Visit the Minding Your Minutes Facebook page.


Weeks in a Year


Days in a Week


Hours in a day


minutes in an hour

Integration begins with….

Alignment- in integrity with what matters deeply to you, with your core values and with your signature brand of strengths. Integration as one person- honoring the wisdom of your head heart and gut.

Engagement- Doing with work that matters to you with focused presence- body, mind and spirit. Attention to the work that needs to be done fully while still honoring your energy and well-being in service to yourself and others.

stack of stones balancing on driftwood at ocean sunset

Book Your Free 30-Minute Consult Today

Ready to discuss creating space for what matters to you- including your health & well-being?  A free consultation is a great way to assess whether coaching is a good fit for you!  I’d be honored to partner with you.